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Macedonian artist Goko Rizov presented his own artistic performance in Amsterdam and took part of a music exhibition in New York

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31 August, New York: Macedonian artist Goko Rizov was part of the “Abstraction Have Voices“, an event where the famous New York composer and pianist Margin Alexander performed several original compositions inspired by the art of Rizov and eleven other artists from nine different countries around the world. The event in the form of a music exhibition was an instrumental concert in New York that was broadcast live via online streaming and open to all music and art lovers.

Following the event, the recorded video was sent to several galleries and curators in the United States. Margin Alexander says in Rizov’s pieces he discovered a whole new world and that his art is something he has not seen before. Inspired by his art, Margin Alexander composed the following original musical work:


On the 21 of August, Goko Rizov had his own artistic performance named “Reflections and Frames” at the “Sound Light Color” gallery in Amsterdam, in which Aleksandra Crvenkovski from Vienna also participated.



Artistic performance explores human conscious and unconscious tendencies to “use masks”, at the same time categorizing everything that happens and exists around us. Wondering who our “real face” is and how often the face in the mirror is contrary to the image we present to the world, Goko Rizov in his performance through portraits, mirrors and faces, asks the question: What does happiness, love, loneliness look like, the depression or anxiousness of the human face, and whether and how much we are willing to know ourselves and others.



The artistic performance in interactive form met with great admiration among the audience in Amsterdam, with visitors taking active part in it as well.



You can see more about Goko Rizov and his art on his Instagram profile or his website.



Goko Rizov has been living and working in Amsterdam for almost half a year, where previously in 2017 he presented himself to the Dutch audience with a solo exhibition.

Until May 2021, Rizov worked as an assistant chief in the Economic and Computer Crime Unit at the Ministry of Interior in Macedonia, and after leaving the service he continued to be active with his art.

His interview for Vezilka Magazine will be published next week.

More photos from the solo exhibition in Amsterdam:


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